New BL Drama ‘A Shoulder to Cry On’ Gets Rave Reviews Ahead Of Premiere

BL drama A Shoulder to Cry On
BL drama A Shoulder to Cry On
Credit: Picturesque, KT Alpha

The upcoming BL drama named A Shoulder to Cry on recently had a movie premiere.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the new series tells the love story between Lee Da Yeol, a professional archer trainnee, and Jo Tae Hyun, a popular kid at school who hides his feelings due to a bad experience in the past.

The six cast members, including Kim Jae Han, Shin Ye Chan, Oh Joo Suk, Kim Dong Won, Shin Si Ye and Jung Ho Kyun, graced the August premiere event.

BL drama A Shoulder to Cry On
Credit: Picturesque, KT Alpha

Kim Jae Han shared, “The key takeaways from the show is the relationship dynamics between the six and how they get along with one another throughout the story.” Shin Ye Chan added, “The cinematography is just amazing. The camera work, the composition and the color scheme are just exceptional, and the whole show is very beautifully shot. Please keep an eye on all of these aspects while watching the series.”

After watching the first three episodes, many showed their excitement. One user said, “The phrase, ‘It was summer’ perfectly fits the drama,” and others chimed in, saying, “I love how the vibrant colors bring a youthful vibe to the show,” “A great drama adaptation with vivid color. I am looking forward to seeing the next episode,” and “I didn’t want to leave the theater leaving all those good-looking stars behind.”

A Shoulder to Cry on is set to premiere in the second half of this year.

Source: Picturesque

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