Lee Jung Jae Talks About His Possible ‘Star Wars’ Involvement and the Big Changes in ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

Squid Game season 2
Squid Game season 2
Credit: iMBC

The first Korean Emmy winners, Lee Jung Jae and director Hwang Dong Hyuk, shared what it was like to win six Emmy awards during this year’s historic event.

After his big win at the Emmys, Hwang said he hoped those wouldn’t be his last awards. “We’ll come back with Season 2,” he said.

He also said in his acceptance speech: “I meant I wanted to come back with a new project as I was preparing for Squid Game Season 2. The high wall of the Emmy Award has been crossed. They opened the door for us and gave us this meaningful opportunity. I hope they keep the door open.”

He added, “I’m still in the process of writing the script. The biggest difference between the first and upcoming seasons will be the main character, Gi Hun. He used to be this clumsy and pure-hearted man, but he will return as more of a prudent and serious person in the sequel. Plus, there will be various new games to be introduced. Please stay tuned for the second season.”

Squid Game season 2
Credit: iMBC

Lee Jung Jae expressed his gratitude, saying, “I spoke in Korean in the acceptance speech as there was something I badly wanted to say. Dear Korean viewers, I am truly thankful for all your support and love. I always keep in mind that I have your support.”

Regarding the latest news about him joining theStar Wars series, the actor carefully remarked, “I cannot say anything about the series yet. But I was very surprised to hear that the news came out while I was still on the airplane. I am still in talks regarding the show.”


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