BLACKPINK Outlines Details About ‘Pink Venom’ and ‘Born Pink’

blackpink pink venom
Credit: YG Entertainment
blackpink pink venom
Credit: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK had a press conference earlier today to talk about their new single “Pink Venom” as well as their upcoming sophomore studio album, BORN PINK.

Among the various questions they received at the event, one of them was about the choreography of “Pink Venom” and how they always come up with addictive dance moves that fascinate everyone. Jennie shared, “Every time we put together a new album, we try hard to come up with catchy dance moves that go well with the new song. So we spend a lot of time discussing with our dancers. For ‘Pink Venom,’ we put a lot of thought into how we can capture the keyword of “Pink Venom” in our choreography.”

Rosé showed her confidence in their new album, saying, “There were lots of brainstorming discussions of what could be our next choreography for the upcoming album, and I am satisfied with what we created as it is fun, simple, and catchy.” Lisa chimed in, saying, “You should look out for the moment we shape our fingers into canines during our performance. This will be the signature move and will be very simple and easy to dance along.”

BLACKPINK has over 76 million YouTube subscribers. Regarding their success on Youtube, the group expressed their gratitude for BLINKs and stated, “We are thankful for the love and support they give us �whenever we come back with our new music.”

They also shared their thoughts on beginning their massive world tour in October. Jisoo said, “As fans have waited for a long time, we’re preparing for the tour to give our all. I’m looking forward to it because it reminds me of the excitement and thrills that I felt during our previous tours.” Jennie added, “It will feature many new songs, and we are also planning to show many of our new aspects because the tour coincides with the release of the new album.”

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