‘Alchemy of Souls’ Cast Members Talk About the Epic Kissing Scene of Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook

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The special broadcast of Alchemy of Souls went on air on August 14th.

In the special episode, Oh Na Ra talked about the chemistry between Jang Wook (played by Lee Jae Wook) and Mudeok (Jung So Min), saying, “I had butterflies in my stomach when Jang Wook called Mudeok by her name.” Hwang Min Hyun also shared a fun story behind the kissing scene between So Min and Jae Wook. He teased Jae Wook, saying, “The producer said Jae Wook is absolutely a great kisser,” and chose the scene where Jang Wook says, ‘I knew that you are my master the moment I saw you,’ as the most epic scene from the series.

Lee Jae Wook picked the scene where Jang Wook talked about herbal tea in Danhyang as his most favorite scene from the show. “Master Lee (Im Chul Soo) allowed Jang Wook to find his inner self a lot,” explained the actor. Jung So Min then joined the talk and shared her favorite scene. She said she loved when Mudeok said, “So you survived. My pupil,” to Jang Wook in the series. She elaborated, “I personally like this scene because that’s when the two’s story begins unfolding while they are seen strongly driven by their own goals.”

Regarding Mudeok’s secret to hogging all the attention from the three men, So Min shared, “Mudeok and Jang Wook develop feelings for each other while pursuing their own goals. The story between Mudeok and Seo Yul (Hwang Minhyun) goes all the way back to the past. And Go Won (Shin Seung Ho) seems to be into her due to the outspoken personality of Naksu (Go Yoon Jung) in Mudeok’s body.” So Min continued, “Mudeok is an attractive woman who is independent and not afraid to say what needs to be said, despite her status as a servant.”

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  • I think it’s very good, I don’t know what the ending is, but it’s very interesting. Even if there are bad comments, I want it to continue. Stay strong.

  • Alchemy of souls being spread out leaves me waiting impatiently for the next episode. All the actors/actresses have brought the drama to life. The costumes and scenery all give to the overall effect.Waiting for the last episode but not wanting it to end.

  • Great drama, love it. Can’t wait to see the last 4 episodes
    Hoping for a good and happy ending
    All the actors are super good

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