‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Drops Still Photos Heralding a New Genre You’ve Never Seen Before

Credit: The Contents ON

Announcing the official invitation to the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, Project Wolf Hunting unveiled 10 still photos.

Project Wolf Hunting is the new action thriller that depicts the process of transporting heinous criminals that even Interpol had given up on from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

One thing that catches the attention in the photos is the never-seen-before intensity of the hard-boiled survival action movie. In particular, the sight of the brutal criminals struggling in the middle of the Pacific Ocean amplifies the curiosity of what kind of a story they’ll unfold.

Credit: The Contents ON

Many of the dynamic, intense characters catch the eye, starting with Jong Doo (Seo In Guk), a heinous criminal who leads the rebellion in the Frontier Titan. In this movie, Seo In Guk makes a shocking transformation, covering his body with tattoos. Then there is also criminal Do Il (Jang Dong Yoon), who has a good reason to return to Korea.

Additionally, there are pictures of Da Yeon (Jung So Min), a detective in charge of escorting the criminals, and Myung Joo (Jang Young Nam), a wanted criminal. The intensity seen through the photos heightens expectations for this upcoming action movie.

Meanwhile, Project Wolf Hunting will hit the screen on September 28th.

Credit: The Contents ON

Source: The Contents ON Inc.

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