‘Carter’ Drops Still Photos that Give a Glimpse into Joo Won’s Intense Action Scenes

carter joo won
Credit: Netflix

The new Netflix original movie Carter dropped intense action still photos.

Carter centers around Agent Carter, who needs to find out who he really is and complete the mysterious mission he’s put on within a given time.

The released stills catch the eye with the overwhelming aura of Agent Carter. The one still photo that shows Carter looking at the man who’s holding a gun at him raises questions as to how and why he’s put into the special mission.

carter joo won
Credit: Netflix

In order to carry out the mission of delivering the girl, the only cure for a virus that has devastated the world, to North Korea, Carter fights with CIA agents or North Korean soldiers, creating breathtaking tension. The sight of him crossing the swinging bridge or riding a motorcycle through narrow alleys adds to the thrill of Carter’s intense action.

Joo Won has revealed that he has gained 7kg and endured intense training to turn into a human weapon that can’t be stopped. The actor, who has undergone the most drastic transformation in his career, will lead viewers into the pleasures they’ve never seen before.

carter joo won
Credit: Netflix

Meanwhile, Carter will be released on Netflix on August 5th.

Source: Netflix

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