3 Things to Look for in the Highly-Anticipated SF Movie ‘Alienoid’

Kmovie Alienoid

The first part of the big-budget SF movie Alienoid will hit the screen soon. There are three things that you should look for in this much-anticipated movie.

1. Swordsmen after the Divine Sword in Goryeo dynasty, Alien prisoner imprisoned inside a human body in 2022
Kmovie Alienoid
Credit: CJ ENM

The fate of time opens and an exciting story unfolds! The first thing to look for is an exciting story you’ve never seen before. The Thieves director Choi Dong Hoon worked on the script for five years. In particular, the ingenious setting that combines Goryeo dynasty and modern times and humans and aliens invites the audience to a world of infinite imagination. The process of how people who exist in two different time zones meet and connect to achieve their own goals will present big fun.

2. Humans, magicians & aliens in one movie
Kmovie Alienoid
Credit: CJ ENM

The characters you’ve never seen before are coming! The second thing to look for is the colorful characters. Despite his clumsiness, Mureuk (Ryu Jun Yeol) shows off an unexpected charm through his excellent swordsmanship, while Guard (Kim Woo Bin), in charge of escorting alien prisoners, doubles the tension with his charisma. Yi An (Kim Tae Ri), who shoots thunder, and detective Moon Do Seok (So Ji Sub), who’s chased by aliens, enliven the story with their intense action sequences. Heungseol (Yum Jung Ah), Cheongwoon (Jo Woo Jin), and Jajang (Kim Eui Sung) will fill the screen with their unique styling and personality. In particular, the characters struggling to achieve their respective goals in two different times will complete an immersive plot.

3. The longest production in Korean cinema
Kmovie Alienoid
Credit: CJ ENM

It’s a sight you’ve never seen! The third thing to look for is a spectacle beyond anyone’s imagination that was completed over 387 days. First, not only did they capture lively movements by mobilizing various shooting equipment, but also two art directors worked together to design every detail, from the language of the aliens to the movements, to create a world that didn’t exist before. Moreover, the large-scale open filming set – from Guard’s house to downtown Seoul – will give the audience a strong impact with the awe-inspiring visuals. Of course, the SF fight scenes and vivid sound of spaceships, aliens, and robots flying in the sky will deliver please as if you were actually inside the movie.

Meanwhile, the new SF fantasy movie Alienoid will hit the screen on July 20th.

Source: CJ ENM

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