Kim Se Jeong Introduces Her Character in ‘Today’s Webtoon’ with Words like Dream and Frivolous

Kim Se Jeong drama
Kim Se Jeong drama
Credit: SBS

Kim Se Jeong is making her comeback to the small screen with the drama Today’s Webtoon.

In the new SBS series Today’s Webtoon, Kim Se Jeong plays On Ma Eum, a gold medalist judo player-turned-webtoon editor. “I’ve always liked the word ‘dream,'” the actress opened up. “We’re similar in that we both strive toward our dreams with passion and positive energy.”

She added, “A dream that has come true shines bright. But holding onto it or not being able to make it come true are all precious dreams. This drama contains not only the bright side of dreams but also all the realistic processes that are dark and not flashy at all. I thought it’d be fun to tell this story from the perspective of bright and cheery Ma Eum and Kim Se Jeong.”

The words Kim Se Jeong used to describe On Ma Eum were “frivolous” and “puzzled.” After giving up on her lifelong dream of judo, she joins Neon Webtoon Department, and that process is just “frivolous.” But still, she’s a woman who grows up despite the many “puzzled” moments.

Kim Se Jeong drama
Credit: SBS

What efforts did Kim Se Jeong put in to pull off the unique character On Ma Eum? “I asked for advice from actual judo players and met a webtoon editor to talk about various things,” she shared. “And I met someone very precious in that process, so it’d be fun for you to check it out on the show.”

“I’ve always enjoyed watching webtoon,” she continued. “I’ve learned the process of creating one webtoon. So now, I see the hard work of writers and editors to keep the deadline every week when I watch the webtoons. Please stay tuned for the growth of Ma Eum, who’s pursuing her dream in the world of webtoon industry.”

Meanwhile, Today’s Webtoon will premiere on the 29th at 10 PM KST as a follow-up of Why Her?

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