There’s a Reason Seo Ye Ji Wore Green Neon Eyeshadow in ‘Eve’

Seo Ye Ji Kdrama EVE

What’s your take on Seo Ye Ji’s makeup in ‘Eve’?

Seo Ye Ji Kdrama EVE
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Seo Ye Ji‘s makeup in the drama Eve continues to be a hot topic. Is it because of her character? From neon-colored eyeshadow to long, pin-up eyeliner, the actress is making bold attempts. However, these makeups are getting mixed reactions.

Eve tells the story of Lee La El, played by Seo Ye Ji, a woman that sets out on a revenge mission to end her 13-year vendetta. The character description reads, “She was born into a happy family, but was forced to face misfortune. Thirteen years later, she grew up to be a woman with the beauty of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.” In particular, the sentence – “She guides her fatal beauty as mediocrity to win everyone’s favor” – became the basis of Lee La El’s styling

Seo Ye Ji’s makeup is divided into three different categories. In the beginning, she has on the not-excessive makeup to hide her real intention, as if stressing her innocence. When dancing the tango, the actress wears pearl makeup and stands under the spotlight. Her makeup becomes bolder when she’s seducing Kang Yoon Gyum (Park Byung Eun), CEO of LY Group. She emphasizes her elegance with long lashes, and the colors for her eyeshadow became more diverse. In particular, Lee La El put on the most colorful makeup after successfully seducing Kang Yoon Gyum and starting a full-fledged conflict with his wife Han So Ra (Yoo Sun).

Seo Ye Ji Kdrama EVE
Credit: tvN

The Eve production team shared, “The actress and our team looked up various references of overseas actors. And after a discussion, we decided to make changes to the makeup so as to fit La El’s emotional changes after reaching the turning point and to give impact on the viewers.” They added, “After La El finds her tempo again and her whirlwind emotional settles down, her makeup will return to how it was before.”

However, viewers show different reactions to the unusual, colorful makeup. Some are pointing out that excessive makeup is hindering immersion. A makeup stylist explained, “The makeup team sets the overall tone of the makeup during the pre-production. Then the director and the actor will discuss the details. Basically, the makeup team was the one that chose the reference.”


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