Nam Joo Hyuk’s Former Classmates and Teachers Shed Light on Issues Surrounding the Actor’s Alleged School Violence

Nam Joo Hyuk School Bullying
Nam Joo Hyuk school bullying
Credit: tvN

Dispatch verified the facts regarding the school violence controversy surrounding Nam Joo Hyuk.

On July 5th, the media outlet revealed statements from 20 informants, two former teachers and eighteen former classmates. One of his high school classmate said, “There may have been a group of people that thought a certain group at school were bullies” but pointed out that “Nam Joo Hyuk was not part of that group.”

Another former classmate commented, “Joo Hyuk is not the person who would bully someone. He liked playing sports and did not take a joke seriously.” One of his former homeroom teachers shared, “He was the type of student that would tell the others ‘Hey guys, let’s quiet down.’ He was the one who would mediate when there was a fight,” implying that the actor was never a bully to anyone.

All the interviewees stated that the actor has been falsely accused, explaining that he was not in any ways involved in purchasing in-game items using his homeroom teacher’s phone. Another classmate of his remarked, “Although we played rough and tumble back in school, I do not remember him forcing his friends to physically fight with someone against their will.” Another former schoolmate chimed in, “All the claims are false. I have never heard that he bullied anyone. I really do not get why people make these false claims. How could he possibly prove his innocence when people believe groundless claims like this?”

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