Park Hae Soo Reveals His Feelings on the Split Reviews of ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’

Money Heist Korea Park Hae Soo
Money Heist Korea Park Hae Soo
Credit: Netflix

Park Hae Soo is receiving rave reviews for his role in Netflix’s Money Heist: Korea �” Joint Economic Area. In an interview, he shared his thoughts on the mixed reviews of the show.

His new show is currently getting divided reviews upon its release. Regarding such responses, he shared, “I got a little upset when I looked at reviews the next day the show got dropped. There was both positive and negative feedback, and it came to my mind that having some kind of response is good because it means that people actually watched the series. Right now, I’m just thankful that people took their time to watch our series. Given the response, I feel people will keep watching its second part while cursing us out.”

While many characters from the Korean remake are getting different reviews, Park Hae Soo is receiving favorable responses for his role, Berlin. He said, “I’m utterly grateful for the responses. It was only possible with the help of my fellow actors since I alone could not create a villainous character.”

The celebrity also commented on the following part of the series: “I heard the part two would be more dynamic and fun. Each character’s motive would be laid out, and there will be more conflicts in and out of the organization. The story will be slightly different from the original series as Berlin would go completely out of control in the upcoming part.”

Lastly, the star thanked viewers and said, “I think the new show had more enthusiastic responses than that of Squid Game. I am thankful the series has gotten off to a good start.”

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