Are You Ready to Enjoy Suzy’s Shocking Transformation in Upcoming Series ‘Anna’?

Suzy Drama Anna
Suzy Drama Anna
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Suzy will surprise the viewers with her shocking transformation in the drama Anna. Having mostly played kind, just roles, she’ll portray a woman obsessed with desire this time.

Anna tells the story of a woman who starts off by telling a small lie and ends up living someone else’s life. About playing the title role for the first time, Suzy commented, “I thought she was a role worth trying at least once as an actress. It was both exciting and burdensome.”

Jung Eun Chae shared, “The story centers around a woman from her teens to her 30s. It’s not just Anna. There are other three-dimensional women like Ji Won and Hyun Joo. I wanted to show that side of the series.” Kim Jun Han chimed in, “There are various characters and they are very colorful. Reading the scripts, I thought that I might just be one of these many characters.”

A key part of the series is fashion. In particular, Suzy wore more than 150 outfits to highlight the changes Anna goes through. “I wore a high school uniform when she was in high school, work uniforms as a part-timer and all kinds of fancy attires after she became Anna. The outfits for Yumi and Anna are very different, so it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on that.”

For Anna, Suzy flew to Alaska for shooting. “I filmed on actual locations rather than filming sets. The power of space made it easier for me to act and disappear into the role.”

Suzy plays Yumi, who ends up playing the life of Anna because of a small lie she told. “Yumi is a girl who has a large gap between reality and ideals,” she introduced. “She has many deficiencies and so many things she wants to do. She’s good at many things, so she constantly receives compliments from people around her, but a small lie changes her life upside down.”

Hyun Joo, Anna’s former boss, is portrayed by Jung Eun Chae. “Unlike Anna, Hyun Joo was born with so many things,” the actress explained. “When people think of a villain, you normally think of someone who makes others miserable. But Hyun Joo is true to her own feelings and has no malice in her actions. She’s a different kind of villain in a sense that she hurts and makes others feel deprived unintentionally.”

Kim Jun Han plays Anna’s ambitious husband. “He’s a man who strives toward his goal,” he shared. The actor then talked about playing Suzy’s husband for the drama. “I received a lot of criticism from my friends. I’ve never received so many texts before in my life.” he jokingly commented.

Meanwhile, Anna will be available through Coupang Play every Friday at 8 PM KST, starting on June 24th.

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