BTS’ V Reveals How Nervous He Was Before Olivia Rodrigo at the Grammys 2022

BTS V Olivia Rodrigo
BTS V Olivia Rodrigo
Credit: Weverse

BTS’ V sat down with Weverse Magazine to talk about how nervous he was when pulling off his choreography with Olivia Rodrigo on the stage of Grammy 2022.

You made headlines during the Grammy Awards for your conversation with Olivia Rodrigo prior to your performance of “Butter.” I’m sure a lot of people were curious about what you two discussed. I’m sure it must have been challenging to really talk under the occasion.

That was something I was frequently asked about. I was honestly quite nervous there because of the clothing choreography. A light whisper in her ear probably would have been enough in that situation, but I just went on and said “blah blah blah” without saying anything meaningful. I thought I could just show it on my face, so I didn’t say anything special. Olivia Rodrigo was well aware of what I was doing. The performers don’t have to say anything special for a 10- or 15-second take and can still make it look fun.

I understand that your Grammy performance took place under a variety of rapidly changing circumstances; how did you end up improvising with Olivia Rodrigo?

The Grammys people suggested it, and we agreed to do so on the same day as the show. So I had no idea who I would end up sitting next to.

When I see what you post on Instagram, I get that old, jazzy vibe from your pictures or the video where you dance in a carefree way.

That’s how I’ve always been”it’s just my personality. I didn’t think it was necessary to post anything like that to the group account because it was about my style and life. But I had no idea what to post once I got my own social media account, so I just posted things I liked. On that account, I can showcase my unique personality. I don’t think I need to be concerned about other people’s opinions.

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