‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ Unveils the Thieves Behind the Hahoetal Masks

Money Heist Korea

Netflix has revealed the thieves on a mission of the biggest money heist of all time.

Money Heist Korea
Credit: Netflix

Money Heist: Korea �” Joint Economic Area depicts a hostage crisis in Korea, involving a genius strategist and people with different personalities and abilities. It’s staged against the backdrop of the Korean peninsula that’s nearing unification. Director Kim Hong Sun shared, “I thought these countless characters would be attractive no matter what time and place they were put into.”

And today, Netflix has unveiled the seven charismatic thieves behind the Hahoetal masks.

Money Heist Korea
Credit: Netflix

First, Yoo Ji Tae transforms into the genius crime designer “Professor.” The actor shared, “Professor is a genius strategist with strong convictions. He had his own beliefs, so I think that’s what made him come up with the strategies and plans.”

Park Hae Soo, who took the world by storm with Squid Game, plays Berlin, who puts the Mint Bureau in terror. As a man who used to be in a North Korean concentration camp, Berlin believes that “the only way to control humans is to rule them by dividing them or creating fear.”

Money Heist Korea
Credit: Netflix

Jeon Jong Seo turns into Tokyo. Tokyo emigrated to South Korea dreaming of the Korean dream, but the moment she tries to give up everything, feeling frustrated by a reality different from her imagination, she meets Professor and joins his op. Lee Won Jong appears as Moscow, South Korea’s first bank robber who carried out the heist underground. He joins the team, dreaming of a peaceful life with his son Denver, and is put in charge of their escape route.

Money Heist Korea
Credit: Netflix

Kim Ji Hoon will make yet another transformation into Moscow’s son Denver, a former street fighter. Jang Yoon Ju plays Nairobi, a con artist and counterfeit expert. Rio, a genius hacker and the youngest member of the team, is played by Lee Hyun Woo.

Meanwhile, Money Heist: Korea �” Joint Economic Area will be released on Netflix on June 24th.

Source: Netflix

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