Kim Garam’s Alleged Victim Issues Official Statement; HYBE Cancels LE SSERAFIM’s Schedule for Today

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The red light has been turned on for LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam.

Yoo Eunseo, the alleged victim of Kim Garam’s school bullying, has issued an official statement through a law firm. “She transferred to a different school due to Kim Garam and her friends’ bullying. But with a malicious rumor about how she caused trouble in the previous school and the ongoing secondary victimization caused her to try and take her own life,” reads the statement.

Through the statement, Yoo Eunseo stated that the document issued by the Local Board against School Violence that went viral online is all true and that Kim Garam was a school perpetrator. She has now dropped out of school.

The statement concluded, “For an amicable resolution of the problem, the detailed descriptions of the school violence that Kim Garam had committed against Yoo Eunseo were omitted. But if HYBE continues with its claim of ‘The school violence suspicions are all malicious rumors and Kim Garam is actually a victim,’ our law firm will do what’s necessary to protect the victim. That includes releasing the full report from the Local Board against School Violence and the cuss-filled, threatening text messages the abuser sent to the victim to lure her to where the abuse took place.”

But what had caught the people’s attention from the statement was the part that said Kim Garam was given the 5th of Article 17 (Countermeasures against Aggressor Students – an autonomous committee shall request the head of a school to take any of the following measures against an aggressor student in order to protect a victim student or to enlighten and educate an aggressor student). Article 17 consists of level-9 measures, and the 5th is completing a special educational course or receiving psychological treatment. What’s to note here is that the abusers of the Yangsan school violence incident, which even involved the abuser making the victims eat the cigarettes, got the 4th, one level below the 5th.

Soon after Yoo Eunseo’s statement was released, Source Music responded, “The law firm compiled and announced the incidents that took place in 2018 in such a way that makes their side look advantageous. So we’ll announce our position after organizing asap.” Stressing once again that everything is just “false information,” they continued, “Though the member was the target of malicious attacks from those online hiding behind anonymity, we didn’t actively explain the details as a lot of those involved were in their first year of middle school, and they’re still minors.”

But on the 20th, the label announced the cancellation of LE SSERAFIM’s Music Bank appearance and fan sign event scheduled afterwards.

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