DKZ’s Jaechan Talks About How His Personality Changed After ‘Semantic Error’

DKZ Jaechan
Credit: Mnet
Jaechan Semantic Error
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

Arena Homme Plus recently released an interview and pictorials of DKZ’s Jaechan, who rose to stardom after appearing on the hit BL drama Semantic Error and releasing the title track “Cupid.”

Regarding his rising popularity, the idol said, “The love I received made me go through some changes. My personality has changed as I would like to repay the great love I received from many fans. As many fans think fondly of me and say that I am cute, I kind of feel obligated to look that way. I was once a gloomy person who used to prefer wearing black clothes. But these days, I feel like wearing bright-colored clothes.”

Jaechan Semantic Error
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

The star, who had dreamed of becoming an idol and producer since high school, shared, “I used to stay in the practice room all day long.” He also showed his enthusiasm for the music, saying, “I enjoy walking home along the street around 5 AM, when the sun is about to rise, after pulling all-nighters at work.” He also did not forget to mention that he has plans “to produce R&B songs with a deep, groovy hip hop base.”

jaechan semantic error
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

The rising star commented, “I am still trying to show the best of me. I try to keep calm and carry on. My mom is my role model who stays modest and unfazed at all times. She taught me to live my life to the fullest. So I will do my best as usual.” The 20-year-old star added, “I am currently going through tough times where I have to learn things the hard way. I hope I get through these times and become a more mature person.”

jaechan semantic error
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

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