Sung Hoon Talks About His Reaction to Dating Rumors With Im Soo Hyang on KBS’ ‘Problem Child in House’

Sung Hoon Im Soo Hyang
Sung Hoon Im Soo Hyang
Credit: KBS

Sung Hoon guest-starred in the latest episode of KBS’ Problem Child in House.

The actor was introduced as the best son-in-law material in the latest episode of the program. The MCs then asked him how fans reacted to his cheating husband role in Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), and he replied that they gave him a new nickname�”the ‘lovable douchebag.’

The star shared that he got slapped around seventy times. He added, “There were only three or four slapping scenes in the drama but we had to shoot them from different angles. So I got slapped more than twenty times for one scene. We could have faked it if the scenes involved kicking or punching. However, since the scenes needed us to get across the raw feelings of a couple having a discord, we couldn’t fake the smacking scene.”

Sung Hoon also brought up his dating rumors with Park Na Rae. He shared, “I like hugging everyone, regardless of gender. It is like my habit. So, I hugged her as usual, but I guess people viewed it differently. I fully understand why many viewers got us wrong, though.”

The celebrity also addressed the dating rumors he got caught up with Im Soo Hyang when he was filming New Tales of Gisaeng. Their dating rumor had hit the wire after he said that he once had feelings for the actress on Strong Heart. “It was natural for me to have feelings for her as there were only four of us, all rookies at that time, spending five or seven hours every day for the four whole months. We were all so in character as we needed to practice whenever we could,” he recalled.

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