TXT Becomes the First K-Pop Act to Grace the Online Cover of British Magazine NME

TXT BandLab NME Awards 2022
TXT BandLab NME Awards 2022
Credit: NME

On May 13th, the British Magazine NME released the pictorials and interviews of TOMORROW X TOGETHER on its official website.

TXT became the first K-pop group to grace the online cover of NME. The magazine reported, “In the time since Crown‘s release, TXT have made their mark as curious genre-hoppers, dabbling in various styles. This musical exploration is part of what has led them to their status as globally-renowned rising stars, a position that’s brought them recognition at home and abroad �” including at the BandLab NME Awards 2022 in March, where they were voted Hero Of The Year �after receiving a whopping 40 percent of the public vote. It was resounding proof of the impact the young band is having on the world.”

TXT BandLab NME Awards 2022
Credit: NME

The media outlet commented, “The five members �” Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai �” might have grown along the way, but one thing has remained consistent about the songs they’ve shared with the world.” Along with such a comment, it brought up what Beomgyu explained: “As a team, we’re all about reflecting the world as we see it or, basically, the experiences we and our generational peers go through.”

The leader Soobin said, “We’re very happy that we can reach more and more of the world and connect with everyone, no matter where they are. The more people listen to our music, the prouder we’ll be.”

Lastly, NME showed its anticipation for the bright future ahead of TXT by stating, “With the release of minisode 2: Thursday’s Child ushering in what looks set to be a gigantic new era for the band, it seems unforgettable nights and big achievements will soon be the norm for TXT once more. Success might already be theirs, but they’re not getting complacent yet, with big ambitions still driving them forward.”

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