5 Celebrity Tattoos and Exactly What They Mean

BTS Jungkook tattoo

Celebrity tattoos have emerged as the new “beauty culture.” First, Lee Hyori and Han Ye Seul got tattoos of the symbols of their values and actions.

Lee Hyori tattoo
Credit: Ahyoga, Dazed Korea

On Lee Hyori‘s left arm and shoulder, there are Indra’s Net and Mandala from Avatamsaka Sutra. Both these tattoos mean a connection to the universe. Indra’s Net means that all things in the universe are connected as one, and each other becomes the source of existence and lives dependent on each other. On the back of her right shoulder to her forearm, an Indian proverb – “walk lightly in the spring, Mother earth is pregnant” – is tattooed.

Han Ye Seul tattoo
Credit: Cosmopolitan, Allure Korea

Han Ye Seul has a tattoo of three knives on her chest. These three swords represent strength, courage, and protection (shield). She tattooed a snake above her elbow out of the desire to have the wisdom to confront those as cunning as snakes. A large circle tattooed on the center of her back means “the birth of life,” while her left arm has a tattoo of ALMA LIBRE, meaning free soul. Moreover, she tattooed the word NEVER on her left ring finger in hopes to not get swept away by social convention and make rash decisions regarding her marriage.

But the MZ generation’s tattoos are slightly different. Their tattoos are about “their styles.”

HyunA and Dawn tattoo
Credit: HyunA & DAWN Instagram

HyunA and Dawn are the best examples. One of HyunA’s most-known tattoos is the phrase – “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive” – written from her left shoulder to her back. Afterwards, she drew in some of her favorite things onto her arm and fingers. Recently, she got more tattoos, especially a couple tattoos with her fiance Dawn. Not long ago, she revealed the butterfly tattoo on her collarbone and the crescent moon tattoo between her breasts. On Dawn’s upper body, there are lettering tattoos and small tattoos of a heart, butterfly, dinosaur, spider, etc. In particular, he drew attention by showing off flower tattoos on his chest.

Baek Yerin tattoo
Credit: Baek Yerin Instagram

Baek Yerin has tattoos from her shoulder to her hand and on her thigh. Her flowers, butterflies, and heart tattoos are in bright colors, giving the impression of them looking like paintings. Then she also has a big dragon tattoo on her right arm, giving off a gorgeous yet intense charm. Some of the fans are known for copying her unique style in tattoos and styling.

BTS Jungkook tattoo
Credit: Vogue Korea

Jungkook is well-known for his hipster-like tattoos. He has multiple tattoos on his right side, starting with words and drawings that symbolize BTS’ fandom ARMY and his fellow teammates. Then there are tattoos of an eyeball, flower, chain, numbers and drawings of his birth year, and meaningful words on his arm. More fans are enthralled by the beauty and hotness of Jungkook, who got more tattoos in recent years.

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