Do Kyung Soo Talks About Wanting to Go “Off the Grid,” Favorite Character He Ever Played, and More

Do Kyung Soo Off the Grid
Do Kyung Soo Off the Grid
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EXO’s D.O, aka the actor Do Kyung Soo, has opened up about why he wanted to go “off the grid.”

One day before the broadcast of Off the Grid, the show released a short interview with the actor. Off the Grid captures the true sides of the popular stars as they spend time alone for 3 days and 2 nights in a car without any given scripts.

“I wanted to go off the grid,” Do Kyung Soo answered the question of why he chose the show. “Soeseom was the first place where I felt like I’ve really gone off the grid. I got to contemplate in a space where no one was there.”

Then what was his playlist for the trip? “I listen to Camila Cabello’s ‘Bam Bam’ a lot,” the actor answered. “Also, I like Ed Sheeran. His song ‘The Joker and the Queen’ – I listen to it a lot. And I’m still listening to it.”

Afterwards, Do Kyung Soo chose Roh Ki Soo from Swing Kids as his favorite character he had ever played. “I think it was a character that I had to make many challenges for,” he explained. “I had to act in North Korean dialect, and I had to challenge tap dance, a genre that I’ve never tried before. It was very fun.”

For the next few minutes, Do Kyung Soo showed his love for food and cooking. He even chose chef as the job he’d have in his next life. “A chef. I can’t think of anything else at this moment,” he commented. “My hobby is cooking, and I love eating. And it feels amazing to see people enjoying the food that I made. If I have to choose a job other than a celebrity, it’ll be a chef.”

He concluded his interview, saying, “I hope you pluck up your courage to go off grid at least once. And if you don’t have the opportunity, it would be good if you could feel at least a little bit of peace while watching the beautiful scenery through Off the Grid.”

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