South Korean Stars Who Showed Their Outstanding Talents at a Young Age

Shin Se Kyung
Shin Se Kyung
Credit: KBS

KBS’s Entertainment Weekly released the rankings of stars who have shown outstanding talents from a young age.

Seventh place went to Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Before debuting as a member of Big Bang, he appeared on Popopo at the age of six and became a member of Kid Roo’ra with his exceptional dance skills. Then at the age of 13, he joined YG Entertainment as a trainee and officially debuted as Big Bang with his fellow trainee Taeyang.

Figure skater Cha Jun Hwan ranked sixth. Cha Jun Hwan, who finished fifth overall in the men’s event at the 2022 Winter Olympics, showed off his charms in various commercials, including a famous chocolate brand, and dramas.

Fifth place went to Lee Hong Gi and Choi Tae Joon. Choi Tae Joon appeared in the drama Piano as younger Jo In Sung, then starred in the kids show Magic Kid Masuri as a villain magician. Recalling the time, the actor shared, “The story was quite childish for the kids my age. So I thought I’d get teased a lot. But my mom told me that she’d buy me a cellphone if I did the audition.” When he appeared on You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, Lee Hong Gi, who also appeared in Magic Kid Masuri, said, “I didn’t play the lead role, but a lot of people still remember me. I wasn’t Masuri; I was Kim Ji Hoon,” giving a big laugh. Kim Ji Hoon, played by Lee Hong Gi, was a genius boy.

Nam Ji Hyun came in fourth. She showed adorable performance when she appeared on the variety show Radio Transmission Record (literal title) when she was seven. Afterwards, she won the Best Child Actor award for her performance as a young Duk Man in Queen Seondeok.

Yoon Shi Yoon ranked third. The actor appeared in The Golden Bell Challenge, a weekly quiz show for high schoolers, and showed off his charm and sense of humor. At the time, his name was Yoon Dong Gu, which he changed to Yoon Shi Yoon after entering college.

Second place went to Brave Brothers, surprising everyone. Turns out, he used to be a child actor that appeared in the movie Tomorrow’s Champion.

First place went to Shin Se Kyung. Shin Se Kyung, who impressed everyone with her mysterious beauty on the album cover of Seo Taiji’s 5th album, appeared in various kids shows. Having boasted a mature charm even at a young age, the actress played Moon Geun Young’s best friend in the movie My Little Bride. Afterwards, she built up her filmography, playing young Princess Cheonmyeong in Queen Seondeok and starring in High Kick Through the Roof.

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