Weekly TV Top10: ‘Our Blues’ and ‘Again My Life’ Premiere to Promising Ratings

Kdrama Our Blues

Drama Ranking for the 1st Week of April

SBS’Business Proposal went out on a high note at No.1 on drama rankings. Many loved the fast-paced story with some interesting twists and turns, and Kim Se Jeong’s brilliant improvised scenes made headlines upon its finale.

tvN’s Our Blues came in at No.2. The first two episodes mainly featured Cha Seung Won and Lee Jung Eun, but viewers could spot some other stars like Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, Lee Byung Hun, and Shin Min Ah. Many left favorable reviews on its fresh use of characters and showed great interest in its upcoming episodes.

SBS’ new drama, Again My Life, landed on No.3 with great reviews on its face-paced narrative and Lee Jun Gi’s vivid character.

JTBC’s new drama, My Liberation Notes, ranked at No.4 with two of its premiere episodes. Many praised My Mister and Another Miss Oh screenwriter Park Hae Yeong for writing incredibly relatable lines in her new work. Kim Ji Won line, “Worship me,” as she gave an emotional love confession to her opposite lead was the most memorable of all her lines.

MBC’s �Tomorrow �stayed at No.5, receiving mixed reviews on the actors’ performances and how it was rendered in a live-action series.

JTBC’sGreen Mothers’ Clubcame in at No.6. Many fans expressed their disappointment with Lee Yo Won’s character. Plus, the drama got embroiled in controversy right after airing its first episode, with the production team having to issue an official explanation regarding its deep-seated misogynistic remark.

TOP 10 Popular TV Drama Series

  1. SBS Business Proposal (Share of Audience 37.39) (▲1)
  2. tvN Our Blues (Share of Audience 12.01) NEW
  3. SBS Again My Life (Share of Audience 6.84) NEW
  4. JTBC My Liberation Notes (Share of Audience 6.35) NEW
  5. MBC Tomorrow (Share of Audience 5.05) ( – )
  6. JTBC Green Mothers’ Club (Share of Audience 4.96) NEW
  7. KBS Love Twist (Share of Audience 4.24) ( – )
  8. tvN Kill Heel (Share of Audience 3.46) ( – )
  9. KBS The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won (Share of Audience 3.16) ( – )
  10. tvN Military Prosecutor Doberman (Share of Audience 3.07) (▲4)

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Drama Series

  1. Kim Se Jeong, Business Proposal (▲2)
  2. Ahn Hyo Seop, Business Proposal (▲2)
  3. Lee Joon Gi, Again My Life NEW
  4. Kim Min Kyu, Business Proposal (▲5)
  5. Cha Seung Won, Our Blues NEW
  6. Seol In Ah, Business Proposal (▲1)
  7. Lee Jung Eun, Our Blues NEW
  8. Lee Hye Young, Kill Heel (▲7)
  9. Lee Yo Won, Green Mothers’ Club NEW
  10. Kim Woo Bin, Our Blues NEW


Non-Drama Ranking for the 1st Week of April

TOP 10 Popular TV Non-Drama Series

  1. Mnet Queendom 2 (Share of Audience 9.22) ( – )
  2. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share of Audience 3.79) (▲2)
  3. MBC Home Alone (Share of Audience 3.07) (▲2)
  4. Channel A/SKY The Iron Squad 2 (Share of Audience 2.79) (▲2)
  5. MBC The Manager (Share of Audience 2.68) (▲4)
  6. MBC Hangout with Yoo (Share of Audience 2.61) (▲2)
  7. NQQ/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 2.49) (▽4)
  8. SBS Kick a Goal (Share of Audience 2.46) (▲3)
  9. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 2.31) (▽2)
  10. SBS Unanswered Questions (Share of Audience 2.04) (▽8)

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Non-Drama Series

  1. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (▲8)
  2. Im Chang Jung, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny ( – )
  3. Seo Ha Yan, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny ( – )
  4. Kim Kwang Kyu, Home Alone NEW
  5. IVE, The Manager NEW
  6. WJSN, Queendom 2 (▲6)
  7. IVE, Weekly Idol NEW
  8. Loona, Queendom 2 (▲6)
  9. Han Ga In, 2 Days & 1 Night (▽3)
  10. Kep1er, Queendom 2 (▲6)

This survey was released on April 11th by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNS. It is in regards to 24 drama series and 185 variety shows that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from April 4th through to April 10th of 2022.

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