Jaechan Talks About His Chemistry with Park Seo Ham, What ‘Semantic Error’ Means to Him, and DKZ Comeback

Park Seo Ham Jaechan
Jaechan Semantic Error
Credit: YouTube “Fangirling”

DKZ’s Jaechan sat down for an interview with the YouTube channel “Fangirling.”

When talking to Jaechan, Park Seo Ham and the drama Semantic Error cannot be missed. First, Jaechan talked about his co-star Park Seo Ham. “We hit it off so well. So even without trying so hard, our chemistry came out,” he said. “The love scenes could be a bit embarrassing, but it didn’t feel that way at all. We talked about how to make the scenes come out pretty.” According to Jaechan, he and Park Seo Ham frequently met to share a meal or watch movies together.

For Jaechan, Semantic Error was like a gift. “While promoting for three years, my self-esteem and expectations for the comeback had dropped a lot. But so many people loved Semantic Error. And that love led to love for my team.” He added, “If I get a chance, I want to try a youth drama or play a villain. All the roles I’ve played are either naive or smart. So I think it’ll be fun to play a villain with a history.”

Regarding his upcoming comeback as DKZ, he said, “We’re trying our best to show better teamwork. We will be shooting you with happy energy from the state, so please look forward to seeing a new side of us.”

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