‘Thirty-Nine’ Final Episode Recap: Son Ye Jin Bids Heartbreaking Farewell to Her Beloved Friend

Thirty Nine Final Episode
Thirty Nine Final Episode
Credit: JTBC

Thirty-Nine went out on a high note, recording an average nationwide rating of 8.9 percent on its final episode.

The episode begins with Jeong Chan Young (played by Jeon Mi Do) struggling with the pain of cancer. As death approaches her, she gives Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) the list of people she would like to invite to her funeral.

Then one day, Jeong Chan Young goes into a cafe and meets her old friend. She soon notices that the customers there are all acquaintances of hers. Turns out, Cha Mi Jo and Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun) had invited everyone on the list to the cafe, and thanks to this, Chan Young gets to deliver her final greetings to everyone who came to the brunch gathering. She describes her journey in life as a fulfilling experience and leaves for a faraway place where she will find eternal peace and happiness.

After Chan Young’s passing, Mi Jo and Joo Hee are seen fulfilling their promises to Chan Young. Soon, Chae Young’s movie gets released in theaters and everyone except Mi Joo sees the movie. Seeing Mi Jo being scared and reluctant, Joo Hee gives her a gift that Chan Young had once given her to pass on to Mi Jo. In the video letter from Chan Young, she talks about how she first met the 18-year-old Mi Jo. She says, “Mi Jo, you see… To me, you are a very close friend, and you’re very precious to me. What I mean is you are also very dear to me.”

As more time passes, Mi Jo is seen living a happy life in her 40s. She thinks to herself, “At what age do you think we’ll get used to your absence? I don’t think that day will ever come. We started out as three, and now the two of us are left here missing you. Chan Young, we miss you a lot.” The show closes with Mi Jo and Joo Hee walking out of the columbarium where Chan Young is resting in peace.

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