‘Pachinko’ Star Kim Min Ha on Working With Lee Min Ho and How She Got Her Role in the Apple TV Series

Apple TV Pachinko Kim Min Ha
Apple TV Pachinko Kim Min Ha
Credit: W Korea

Fashion magazine W Korea has released a pictorial and interview with Pachinko star Kim Min Ha.

Q. As a rookie actress, how did you earn the role of Sun Ja in ‘Pachinko’?

When I auditioned for the role, I didn’t have an agency to help me with it. I also had no idea that it would be such a massive project. I auditioned for months, and while doing so, I learned that the show is based off of an original novel of the same name. I read the book in one sitting and thought that this was the role that I could really show what I’ve got.

Q. What did the directors, Kogonada and Justin Chon, say after recruiting you as the show’s lead actress?

They said that I have two contrasting images I carry of myself: There is an image of the outer self that is soft, vulnerable, and gentle. And there’s the image of the inner self that is firm and strong. They once told me that they loved how I could get across that feeling through the given lines. I remember them telling me something about my personality being honest. They said they liked how I showed myself to the fullest instead of getting too caught up with the idea of winning or losing the audition.

Apple TV Pachinko Kim Min Ha
Credit: W Korea

Q. Yun Yeo Jung played the old Sun Ja, and I can kind of see her younger self in you.

I know. I was so excited when I first heard that. In fact, I think that’s why I was recruited. I’ve heard many say that I resemble her, besides her external appearance. People tell me that I talk like her, especially when I casually say the right things.

Q. What was it like working with Lee Min Ho?

We talked a lot about the relationship between Sun Ja and Han Soo. We all had a great affection for the characters. He has also asked me a lot of questions. I didn’t feel uncomfortable around him. We were like brothers and sisters on set.

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