Henry’s Apology with Bad Korean Backfires and His Agency Issues Explanation

henry bad korean
henry bad korean
Credit: Henry Instagram

Recently, Henry became a hot potato when he was appointed the anti-bullying ambassador despite all his “pro-China” remarks. The singer wrote an official apology on his Instagram, but some words he used and bad Korean only worsened the public opinion. Today, his agency stepped up to give further explanation.

On the 21st, Henry’s agency Monster Entertainment stated, “We apologize for causing concern with various misunderstandings, distorted rumors, and reports that are different from the facts surrounding the artist.” They added, “Henry expressed his feelings through Instagram. But we’re sorry for causing confusion due to some inaccurate notation and unrefined expression.”

Yesterday, while trying to explain his pro-China activities, including supporting the One-China policy and the continued historical distortion, Henry wrote, “The most hurtful part is that many are uncomfortable not because of my actions or words, but because of my bloodline.” He continued, “I just wanted to make people happy, but I don’t know what to do if there are people who are upset because of my bloodline. I’m sorry to my fans for not keeping my promise that I’d always share good news and appear in my best self. I’m so sorry.”

henry bad korean
Credit: Monster Entertainment

However, soon the statement was engulfed in criticism for making Koreans out to be “racists,” not to mention the multiple misspelling and grammar errors. To which the agency responded, “He acted out of his hope to clear up the misunderstanding. As is widely known, Henry was educated and raised in Canada and has devoted his entire life to music. Because of it, he has flaws in many areas.”

They added, “He thought being appointed the anti-bullying ambassador was a very meaningful activity of his career. However, we are sad and have a heavy heart because of the unexpected misunderstanding and negative public opinion about the artist.” Lastly, they added, “He has been working with the value of life in sharing good feelings and having fun with all people living at the same time, regardless of nationality. And he won’t stop believing in these values.”

However, despite all the explanations, people believe that Henry is trying to return to Korea because the Chinese government is restricting the activities of foreign nationals or Taiwanese entertainers in the mainland.

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