Unexpected Past of Lee Yeon Playing Juvenile Offender Baek Sung Woo in ‘Juvenile Justice’

Juvenile Justice ep 1 Baek Sung Woo
Lee Yeon Juvenile Justice ep 1 Baek Sung Woo
Credit: Netflix Korea Instagram

Netflix’s Juvenile Justice was finally released on the 25th. Episode one of the show dealt with the murder of an elementary school student in Incheon in 2017. And great attention focused on Lee Yeon, who played accomplice Baek Sung Woo in the drama.

In Juvenile Justice, Lee Yeon plays Baek Sung Woo, a male middle school student. But Lee Yeon is actually a 28-year-old actress (born in 1995). Despite being quite old to play a middle school boy, Lee Yeon played a major part in captivating the viewers with her realistic acting.

Lee Yeon Juvenile Justice
Credit: Lee Yeon Instagram

Lee Yeon debuted in 2018 in the movie Ignorance. Last year, she appeared in the Netflix original series D.P. as Ahn Joon Ho’s (Jung Hae In) little sister Ahn Soo Jin. This shocking transformation was also introduced on Netflix Korea’s Instagram, alongside a few other actors that also appeared in other Netflix shows.

Soon, Lee Yeon shared the post on her Instagram Story and wrote, “I really wished you didn’t know.”


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