Lee Jong Suk Talks About Wanting to Be a Husband, His Favorite Songs These Days, and More

Lee Jong Suk drama
Lee Jong Suk drama
Credit: ELLE Korea

Lee Jong Suk sat down with ELLE Korea to answer some of the questions from his fans.

To the question asking what he wants to do if he could have a long break, the 34-year-old actor answered, “Prepare to be a husband.” He added, “When I look at the interviews I did in my 20s, I said that I wanted to get married young when I still look pretty. But now, I’m in the age where marriage can happen anytime. So I want to prepare to be a good husband,”

“I have this fantasy about having a family. So I’ll learn how to cook and how to do massages for my bride-to-be and try my best to build a harmonious family,” he continued.

Lee Jong Suk’s one wish that he wished God would grant him was “showing him his wife-to-be.” He explained, “As I grow older, the standards for my ideal type have become clearer. I want someone wise and strong-minded whom I can respect.”

He chose Jaurim’s “Forever and Ever” and IU‘s “Winter Sleep” as the two songs he listens to the most these days. “I listen to songs with good lyrics that I can relate to. And these two songs are very lyrical and good to listen to when I want to be sentimental. When I listen to them, they make me feel like I want to cry,” he shared.

For those who are just getting to know the actor Lee Jong Suk, he recommended the drama Romance Is a Bonus Book. “If I were to leave just one project behind before I due, this is what I’d probably recommend,” he said. “I really admired the character and went into shooting wanting to become like him. So that’d be the one project I would leave behind.”

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