‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 2 Recap: Son Ye Jin Breaks Down After Hearing Her Friend’s Impending Death

netflix Thirty Nine episode 2
Thirty Nine episode 2
Credit: JTBC

In its premiere, JTBC’s Thirty-Nine has surprised the viewers by broadcasting a funeral scene of one of its main characters. The second episode revealed the deceased for whom the funeral was held.

The latest episode began with Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) preparing for a 1-year sabbatical. She tries to consider Kim Seon Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) as a substitute doctor for her clinic, nothing more or nothing less. After making her mind, she gets a medical check-up with Jeong Chan Young and Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun) in preparation for leaving the country. However, nothing goes as planned for Cha Mi Jo.

After constantly crossing paths with Kim Seon Woo, she ends up telling him the emotions she felt as she grew up as an adopted child, which she had kept as a secret until now. In return, Kim Seon Woo confesses his feelings towards her, acting as if he will wait for her until she comes back after her sabbatical year.

Another misfortune follows Cha Mi Jo when she receives the check-up results. She cries in shock when she hears that one of her friends has stage-four cancer.

Soon, Cha Mi Jo visits Kim Jin Seok (Lee Moo Saeng). She lets out her resentment at him, who had kept a lukewarm affair with Jeong Chan Young. This indicated that Jeong Chan Young was the one who faced an impending end to her life.

Later on, the drama confirmed the death of Jeong Chan Young, showing a portrait of the deceased. The teaser for the upcoming episode revealed that she had stage-four pancreatic cancer.

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