Disney Plus ‘Grid’ Episode 1 Recap: Seo Kang Joon Meets Kim Ah Joong at a Crime Scene

Disney Plus Grid Episode 1
Disney Plus Grid Episode 1
Credit: Disney Plus

The new Disney Plus original series Grid has finally unveiled its premiere episode. And this grand worldview created by writer Lee Soo Yeon has gained enthusiastic responses from viewers.

The first episode of Grid, released on the 16th, announced the birth of a well-made drama that shows a perfect harmony of unexpected story, impressive cinematic quality, and actors’ passionate performances.

In 2021, the Earth is protected by an invisible shield called “grid.” Kim Sae Ha (Seo Kang Joon), an employee of the Bureau, and detective Jung Sae Byeok (Kim Ah Joong) met at a crime scene. Based on the testimonies that Sae Ha, the witness of a convenience store murder case, gave, Sae Byeok narrows the suspect down to Kim Ma Nok (Kim Sung Kyun). However, the police failed to catch him when his accomplices suddenly showed up to help him.

What caught Sae Ha’s attention was the incident report Sae Byeok wrote: “An unidentified woman disappeared into thin air, so we couldn’t make the arrest.” What she wrote in it was proof that the “ghost” that disappeared after creating the “grid” reappeared after 24 years.

This wasn’t the only question that viewers had. The first thing that Sae Ha does when he comes into work is empty the deputy director’s trash can. Song Eon Jin (Kim Mu Yeol) can’t understand why Sae Ha is sucking up to him so much. But what Sae Ha is doing is more of monitoring. He checked what the deputy director had thrown away and even tabbed his phone calls.

Sae Ha has finally found the clue of the “ghost,” and Sae Byeok has collected the DNA of this mysterious being. What’ll happen next? Grid is released on Disney Plus every Wednesday.

Source: Disney Plus

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