‘Single’s Inferno’ Star FreeZia Posts a Public Apology and Shares Her Plan to Halt Her Activities

Single's Inferno FreeZia
Single's Inferno FreeZia
Credit: YouTube “freezia”

FreeZia (Song Ji Ah from Single’s Inferno) has eventually decided to halt her activities.

On the 24th, the influencer took to her YouTube to make a public apology for the recent controversy of wearing fake luxury goods. “It’s all my fault, no excuse. I’ve disappointed many people who believed in me,” she said.

She apologized, “As a YouTuber, I should have been more careful, but I damaged the image of the brands and disappointed many people. I’d like to apologize.” She further explained, “At first, I just bought them because they were just so pretty. But I received so much love from so many people, so I got more absorbed in it without being able to wake up.”

FreeZia also shared a sincere apology to her fans. “The feelings I’ve expressed for my fans were genuine. It hurts me that even those feelings are considered a lie.” She also apologized to her family, who is suffering due to her mistakes, and asked people to stop slandering her family.

Lastly, the YouTuber added, “I am turning all my channels private and taking some time off to reflect on myself. I’m sorry that it took too long to post this video. I will heavily reflect on what I did. I’ll take responsibility for my mistakes till the end.”


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