BTS’ Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi Vehemently Deny Their Untimely Dating Rumor

BTS Jungkook Lee Yu Bi Dating Rumor
Credit: Big Hit Music, Y-BLOOM Entertainment
BTS Jungkook Lee Yu Bi Dating Rumor
Credit: Big Hit Music, Y-BLOOM Entertainment

BTS’ Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi got swept up in the untimely dating rumor.

Recently, a YouTuber raised suspicions that Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi are dating. His claim is that the two stars first met in 2018 and recently started dating. However, what he said is highly unlikely since all the “proofs” that he showed are ill-founded.

The YouTuber’s claims can be summarized with five points. First, he stated that Lee Yu Bi is Jungkook’s fan and often uses purple hearts on her posts. The second is that the day Jungkook’s self-quarantine ended, the actress posted a picture of her outing, while Jungkook posted the same emoticon on his social media.

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The third is that the two were spotted wearing matching sweatshirts and bracelets. His next claim is that Lee Yu Bi said his dream guy is a man with beautiful eyes and masculine charm and that she said her favorite month is September, the same month Jungkook’s birthday is in. Lastly, he used the fact that Jungkook’s brother and Lee Yoobi’s sister followed each other’s accounts as his proof.

However, none of his claims are actual proof of lovestagram. To make things worse, this YouTuber has spread various rumors and gossip about K-pop stars, including BTS, to the extent that V had set his mind to file a lawsuit against him.

Soon after his claims surfaced online, both stars expressed their frustrations over his absurd claims. Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi’s agencies stated, “They are absolutely not true.”

In particular, Lee Yu Bi’s agency stressed, “We’ve heard of the rumors. But from what we know, she doesn’t even know Jungkook. We asked her before, and she said she knows Suga.” They added, “When we asked her (about the rumors), she just laughed. She was just baffled.”


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