‘Special Delivery’ Drums up Excitement With Tense Action Scenes Done By Park So Dam

Special Delivery park so dam
Special Delivery park so dam
Credit: NEW

Special Delivery released still photos that have captured Park So Dam‘s girl crush charm.

On the 16th, NEW released the still photos that give a glimpse into Eun Ha’s unconventional action scenes brought to life by Park So Dam.

The upcoming crime-action flick revolves around a professional delivery expert named Eun Ha (Park So Dam). With her 100 percent success rate in speedily delivery, she takes on a new mission and soon gets caught up in an unexpected delivery accident.

Special Delivery park so dam
Credit: NEW

One photo shows her going in reverse nonchalantly. The other photo shows her charismatically driving through the rain without regard for the door that fell off her driver’s seat. Naturally, expectations for the thrilling car chase scene are through the roof.

In particular, the last still photo has captured Eun Ha’s urgent expression as she faces those who pursue her. Park So Dam, who heralded a character full of girl crush charm, shared, “(Playing action scenes) It was so much fun that I felt ecstasy at every moment.”

Meanwhile, Special Delivery will be released on January 12th.

Source: NEW

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