‘The Silent Sea’ Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show a Glimpse Inside a Mysterious Research Base

gong yoo The Silent Sea

Netflix’s ‘The Silent Sea’ has released the behind-the-scenes still photos of its filming set.

gong yoo The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

The Silent Sea tells the story of an elite crew that takes off to a research base abandoned on the moon to carry out a special mission. The series is set in 2075, where the Earth is devastated by the depletion of essential resources.

The series took three years to produce. From the lunar environment, the spacecraft, the Balhae space base to the VFX that enhances realism with virtual production techniques using LED panels, The Silent Sea exudes perfection. Producer Jung Woo Sung shared, “Everything, including the genre being sci-fi and the base being located on the moon, was a new challenge.” Director Choi Hang Yong added, “I tried to minimize the artificial feeling while preserving the realistic feeling.”

gong yoo The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

For The Silent Sea to land safely on the surface of the moon, it had to go through many challenges. The first thing the crew had to do was create the lunar surface. The lunar ground where the Balhae base is located was made using soil and cement. However, the design was changed for dramatic fun. “It was the most realistic lunar surface,” said Bae Doo Na. “The set made me feel like I was actually stepping on the moon.”

gong yoo The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

To depict the infinite expansion of the lunar surface and space, the production team used a virtual production technique using LED panels, meaning replacing the blue screen with an LED panel. Bae Doo Na commented, “I didn’t think that it was an LED. I just thought it was an extension of the moon’s surface. It was so natural that I hardly noticed it when I was acting.”

The realistic and elaborate set also captured the hearts of the actors. The spacecraft that crash-landed on the moon is a large set that took three months to build. Moreover, it was built sturdy enough to be lifted and tilted by a crane. Art director Lee Na Gyum explained, “I tried to make it looking worn off as if the outer layer had been peeled off.” I wanted to emphasize the tension of the crew members who are leaving for an unknown place to carry out a mission.”

gong yoo The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

The Balhae base, which bears a huge mystery, is at the story’s core. Lee Na Gyum mentioned that she approached the concept of the Balhae base as “a military fortress with secrets.” She continued, “The Brutalist architectural style, popular from the 1950s to the 1980s, really helped me to create the station in real-life. It made the set look like a huge mysterious base that hides the technology that could save humanity.”

Meanwhile, Netflix’s original series The Silent Sea will be released on December 24th.


Source: Netflix

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