‘Hellbound’ Star Yoo Ah In Says He Wishes for Jung Jin Su’s Comeback

Yoo Ah In Hellbound
Yoo Ah In Hellbound
Credit: Netflix

Yoo Ah In held a video interview with OSEN on the 3rd and talked about his Netflix series Hellbound. The actor left a strong impression by taking on the role of Jung Jin Su, the cult leader of the New Truth Society, a key figure in forming a grim worldview of the series.

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Q1. How did you feel after watching ‘Hellbound’?

When I first saw it, I saw it more as a viewer than a participator. If I try to watch as a participator, I tend to evaluate and judge the project and try to find the limits of my acting. So normal appreciation of the work is impossible. Hellbound was a work that I was able to appreciate. I realized that I’d watched all six episodes as I followed the immersion created by the play. It was a wonderful experience. It gave me a sense of relief that it’s a project with such power.

Q2. How did you approach the character Jung Jin Su?

I kept in mind that it would be better to create a character that could present a twist rather than the cult leader we usually think of. In particular, Jung Ji Su played an essential role in creating energy and tension in the play compared to his relatively small screen time. The other characters seemed to be looking up at the sky with their feet on the ground. But Jung Jin Su seemed like he was floating, so I tried to melt that difference into the series harmonically.

Q3. Do you realize the explosive responses ‘Hellbound’ is getting?

I hope we rank first for a long time. I don’t know how to digest the term world’s No. 1. I am grateful to have this kind of feeling as an actor. It’s positive and inspiring for an actor to be able to get feedback from global audiences.

Yoo Ah In Hellbound
Credit: Netflix

Q4. What was the most memorable evaluation you got?

I liked overseas viewers’ responses. But what I liked the most was a comment written in Korean on YouTube that read, “If there’s one person to put on a stage for the world, there’s no better actor than Yoo Ah In.” It felt like I had become a national athlete. It also felt burdensome.

Q5. Jung Jin Su exited the show quite early. �

Many showed disappointment over that, so I was grateful. I also go beyond disappointment and am looking forward to his comeback. Don’t you think Jung Ji Su will make it back alive?

Q6. What kind of life will you live if you’re told that you’d die after 20 years?

I was never told that, but I had lived my twenties that way. I was glossy and a show-off. And I lived my life thinking that I’d die in my mid-30s. I was different from Jung Jin Su, but in my twenties, I lived as if it didn’t matter if I died the very next day. It was like there was no turning back to the energy and power I exuded. Playing Jung Jin Su, I remembered those days,

Q7. What’s the charm of “Yeon Sang Ho‘s Universe”?

He opens up a new world, but one foot is always in the real world. I think the fact that he creates a world that is unique, absurd, and sympathetic while constantly mediating the real world with the world he had created is the charm of the power (of “Yeon Sang Ho’s Universe).

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