Lee Dong Wook Talks About His Role in ‘Bad and Crazy,’ Chemistry with Wi Ha Jun and More

Bad and Crazy Lee Dong Wook
Credit: tvN

Lee Dong Wook expressed his love for his new drama Bad and Crazy and his fellow actors through a written interview. tvN’s Bad and Crazy, set to premiere on the 17th, is a hero drama that follows a series of events as talented but misguided man Soo Yeol comes across K, a guy who’s crazy about justice.

Regarding why he chose Bad and Crazy, Lee shared, “Kim Sae Bom’s script was excellent. I thought that this screenplay would make a fresh, interesting drama that we have never seen before.”

Lee plays Soo Yeol, the bad guy in the play. “My character is an unjust cop, and he does everything to climb the career ladder. He sometimes does good things, yet he cares a lot about himself and his success. You’ll get to know a new shade of mine in this upcoming work,” he explained.

The actor also tipped off that there will be some brilliant action scenes in Bad and Crazy. “The work is filled with powerful action scenes. The stunt coordinators are always ready to have our back and I’m so grateful for all their hard work.”

Bad and Crazy Lee Dong Wook
Credit: tvN

Meanwhile, Lee’s bromance with Wi Ha Jun in the teaser became a hot topic. Regarding the hot response, he said, “Ha Jun, who has a charming smile, proved to be quite different from his first impression. At first, I thought he’d be a strong and silent type of man. But when I actually met him in person, he was more like a very kind and polite man. I think he is cool and has a good nature.”

“Ha Jun is always very much prepared,” he added, raising expectations for the upcoming bromance. “He works really hard on his part. At one point, I thought to myself, ‘This is his first day at shooting, and how did get right into his character?’ His passion for acting helps me to get motivated. We are actively exchanging thoughts and always looking after each other as we film.”

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Lee also mentioned his two other co-stars, Han Ji Eun and Cha Hak Yeon (N). About Han Ji Eun, he said, “Now the set feels like my home. I’m staying busy and having fun every day. One day, I called Ji Eun the chatterbox on the set (laughs). I think she has a very bright and positive personality.” Also, he introduced Cha Hak Yeon as “the life of the party,” saying, “Hak Yeon, the youngest of us, has bright and positive energy. And I can tell that he’s always fully prepared whenever he arrives on the set.”

Lastly, Lee talked about what to look for in the drama. “The chase and action scenes are the main draw for audiences. I hope it will bring the ultimate satisfaction that people don’t normally experience in their lives. I would be grateful if you would love our series Bad and Crazy as well as my role Ryu Soo Yeol.”


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