Gong Yoo and Taylor Swift Reportedly Had a Lunch Date Together Last Week

Gong Yoo Taylor Swift
Credit: Management SOOP, Taylor Swift Facebook

According to multiple reports, America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift was spotted having lunch with South Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo, causing a flood of speculation that wouldn’t die down any time soon. In response to the reports, Gong Yoo’s agency said, “It’s a groundless rumor.”

It all started from a social media post written by a waiter in a New York City restaurant, claiming that she had seen Gong Yoo and Taylor Swift having lunch together. Although the post didn’t have a credible reference in it, the rumor began to spread widely in Korean and American online communities.

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Meanwhile, Gong Yoo’s agency was taken aback to hear the news. An official from Management SOOP shared, “The rumor is groundless and not true. Gong Yoo is currently staying in Korea. It’s been a long time since he last visited the United States or New York City.”


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