Netflix Sends You ‘Hellbound’ with Behind-the-Scenes Video

netflix Hellbound

Netflix unveiled the behind-the-scenes video of its new hit series ‘Hellbound‘.

netflix Hellbound
Credit: Netflix

Director Yeon Sang Ho and actress Kim Hyun Joo got together to introduce the behind-the-scenes story of Hellbound. The series paints out the supernatural phenomenon where mysterious creatures suddenly appear and begin dragging people to hell. A cult sees this as an opportunity to take control while some try to uncover the secret behind the mysterious religious group.

Yeon, who has successfully created a world we have never imagined and captured the diverse groups of people living in it, captivated the world once again. Praised as the pinnacle of the dystopian world, Hellbound topped the Netflix Top 10 TV Shows (non-English) in the first week of its release.

Yeon and Kim personally explained everything about Hellbound that the world is curious about. “I was always curious about director Yeon,” Kim first opened her mouth. “I thought I’d enjoy the process very much if I participated.”

netflix Hellbound
Credit: Netflix

Yeon then explained how the world of Hellbound was created. “To illustrate a collapse of governmental authority and a rise of rationality which attempts to substitute it,” he said. “We wanted to show how our ‘reasonable’ society is replaced by alternative rationality and the process of going back to a primitive society.”

Representing actors who had to act inside a world they had never even imagined, Kim shared, “Since the facial expressions of characters from the webtoon were very realistic, I wondered how the series was going to depict that.” Her words showed a glimpse into how much effort they’ve put in adapting webtoon into a series.

Additionally, Yeon shared how he collected A-list actors for his project and showed admiration for the performance they’ve shown.

If you wish to know more about the behind-the-stories of Hellbound, you can check out the video below.

Source: Netflix

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