How ‘Eternals’ Introduced Sex to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

eternals sex scene
Credit: Walt Disney Korea

The most captivating event in Eternals might be the sex scene.

The film contains the first sex scene in MCU’s 13-year history. The PG-13 picture by indie director Chloé Zhao keeps the scene brief, but there is no mistaking it: these superheroes are completely nude.

The fans made immediate reactions to the scene. However, the director mentioned that it was “a wonderful thing” to present a caring, sensitive, and kind sex scene to a large audience.

MCU is well known for showing very few intimate scenes. But in Eternals, the tone shifts, and the film focuses on emotion. The brief sex scene, which conveys nudity without displaying anything explicit, tries to show the human side of the immortal Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) before they engage in a serious fight with the Deviants.

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Some fans suggested that they know these characters too well to see them undressed. One viewer commented, “It’s like seeing relatives, given how familiar everyone is with these characters. However, because the Eternals characters are less well-known, their intimacy isn’t as awkward.”

Some Marvel fans believe that the absence of intimacy has lessened the impact of the action, claiming that “some of the hollowness that plagues sections of MCU movies can be linked to their chasteness.”

Others agree with the Oscar-winning director’s decision to focus on intimacy. “It’s nice to see a huge franchise film abandoning the tried-and-true template in favor of a passionate, character-driven story. I’ve seen a lot of debates regarding why a sex scene was deemed ‘essential.’ How can it not be?”


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