Wi Ha Joon Says He Wishes Jun Ho to Survive If There’s ‘Squid Game 2’

Wi Ha Joon
Squid game Jun Ho
Credit: Netflix

In Netflix’s mega-hit series Squid Game, Wi Ha Joon plays Hwang Jun Ho, a police officer who disguises himself as a masked man to pursue his brother’s whereabouts and uncovers the game’s hidden secrets.

Just two months ago, Wi met with the viewers as a chilling villain in the movie Midnight. But this time, he’s back with a new look in Squid Game. The actor shared, “The villain was attractive. But I’ve played many villains in the movies, so I really wanted to try a righteous detective role. And I was thrilled to have done it through Squid Game. After trying it myself, I feel that roles like Hwang Jun Ho suit me better than the villains. I liked it, but I’m glad that people around me are paying me lots of compliments.”

When he first read the scripts, he said that he got the impression that Jun Ho may have lots of scenes but still has his own narrative and story. “The fact that Junho introduces viewers to what’s happening within the group from his point of view came attractively to me,” he explained. “Talking with director Hwang Dong Hyuk about the character, we discussed a lot about justice. He told me how honest, upright, and righteous he is.”

Wi Ha Joon
Credit: Netflix

In the play, Wi wore pink work clothes and a mask. “When I first put on the pink clothes, the color looked weird on me. It was so hot in summer, and acting while wearing the clothes was tough,” he said. “When I had the mask on, it felt like I was actually sneaking in and spying on them. It felt like I was really living inside the play. Without realizing it, I got nervous and turned cautious about not letting others find out about me. So even with the mask on, I was able to control my breathing and pay attention to my facial expressions. I dived into the situation as much as possible.”

There were many scenes where Hwang Jun Ho had to move alone. Wi relayed, “I felt lonely at every moment. I wanted to make memories, eat, and talk with other actors. But I felt pressured and lonely because I had to act alone in many scenes. Still, the director and staff guided me well, so I was able to finish strong.”

When asked if there’s any role among the participants he wishes to play, the actor chose Sang Woo, played by Park Hae Soo. “To me, he seemed like the most humane character. I thought he was a character that showed the real inner thoughts of a human being,” he explained.

During the interview, the possibility of season 2 came up, hence the question about what would have happened to Hwang Jun Ho. “I hope Jung Ho lives. But I can’t predict anything. Only the director knows,” he answered. “But if there is season 2, I hope Jun Ho survives and tells the story of the brothers.”


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