Rowoon and Park Eun Bin Make a Beautiful Couple in New Poster For ‘The King’s Affection’

The King’s Affection
The King's Affection
Credit: KBS

The King’s Affection released a sweet poster of Park Eun Bin and Rowoon.

KBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama The King’s Affection is a romance drama that revolves around an abandoned child who was born as twins in the palace. Although she was initially abandoned for being female, she later becomes the crown prince disguised as her twin brother after his death.

The poster released on October 16th captures the secret eye contact between crown prince Lee Hwi (played by Park Eun Bin) and Jung Ji Woon (Rowoon), hinting at the dangerous romance that awaits them as well as the compressed story that penetrates the entire work.

“The sentimental emotions penetrating the entire drama surrounded the site of the photoshoot. This is because the two revived the drama’s chemistry just by looking at each other. If it weren’t for them, the image would not have contained the affectionate feelings of the two even in the tense moment with increased heart rate.”

The first episode of The King’s Affection will be available on Netflix on October 11th.


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