‘Yumi’s Cells’ Gives a Glimpse at the Mind of Kim Go Eun When She Meets Her Crush Minho

Yumi's Cells drama
Yumi's Cells drama
Credit: TVING

Coming out on the 17th, Yumi’s Cells revealed its main trailer.

The trailer begins with Yumi going to work like she does every day. The only thing that makes Yumi’s heart flutter is her younger colleague, Woo Gi (Choi Min Ho). Yumi, who keeps running “Woo Gi radar” despite her busy day at work, finally gets to ask him out, saying, “You must be working late today.” However, things just don’t turn out to be the way she planned.

But it’s too soon to give up on her hopes. Her brain cells began to take on the mission of sending Yumi on a date, who had been spending lonely nights for the past three years. The cell that senses emotions gets teary to see Yumi, who will be spending a lonely weekend again. Still, the cell gets firey with determination and says, “I have to do something!” The cell that controls her emotions also agrees, saying, “This can’t last forever.” How will the cells help Yumi to get her crush? Will Yumi get to know Woo Gi a little better in the future?

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