Behind-The-Scenes Look At Making the Movie ‘Miracle: Letters to the President’ with Park Jung Min and YoonA

Movie The Miracle
Movie The Miracle (1)
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Miracle: Letters to the President dropped a behind-the-scenes look at the delightful teamwork of the actors and crews on the wonderful movie set.

“It is a story of a kid living in a village who can only go out by walking on a railroad track. By making the station on his own, he slowly realizes what his real dream is,” said director Lee Jang Hoon.

Actor Lee Sung Min revealed, “I was born and raised in this area. I learned the history of Yangwon Station through this movie.” And Yoona commented, “We had a wonderful time. We couldn’t stop laughing on the set,” hinting at the delightful and exciting moments on the film set.

The nostalgic props and sets bring back the memories we loved. In particular, Park Jung Min elaborated on the Yangwon Station in the movie that was built according to the layout of the real Yangwon Station established in 1988. He recalled his memory and said, “I got a little teary when I first saw the finished station.”

Miracle: Letters to the President is a movie about a boy and his neighbors who want to build a train stop in their small town with a railroad but no station. The movie is coming to CGV Theatres in Los Angeles and Buena Park on September 17th.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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