Song Ji Hyo Says She’s Enjoying Her “Love Line” with Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo Kim Jong Kook
Song Ji Hyo Kim Jong Kook
Credit: Creative group ING

In The Witch’s Diner, Song Ji Hyo turned into witch Jo Hee Ra, the owner of a witch’s diner that sells magical dishes with the power to grant people’s hopes. Throughout the show, Song received enthusiastic responses from viewers. With the interview, Song shared candid stories, from The Witch’s Diner to Running Man.

Song showcased a whole new side with fancy appearances and changed vocalization and acting techniques with the drama. “This character was very different from what I’ve done before. She had to look gorgeous. Also, the character is divided into the current Hee Ra, the past Hee Ra, and the human Hee Ra, so I tried to make three different vibes. Human Hee Ra was like me, and I wanted to show how she became a witch with the past Hee Ra. The current Hee Ra is after she became a witch, so I expressed her overly strong.”

She also enjoyed working with Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop. “I was jealous of their lively and positive energy. They became great motivations for me. So I tried harder to get along with them. Ji Hyun is really similar to her role, Jin. She has her own opinions and is full of optimistic energy. Jong Hyeop is just bright. I’m sure there were difficult parts, but I loved how he never showed it and just smiled.”

Song Ji Hyo Kim Jong Kook
Credit: Creative group ING

Song also mentioned SBS’s Running Man. “Running Man is a part of my life. I started it when I was 30, and now I’m 41. I spent my 30s with Running Man, so it’s a part of my life now. It’s a show that I’ve lived with for a quarter of my life. So I plan on continuing to be a part of Running Man.”

Recently, she started a “love line” with Kim Jong Kook. “When members are teasing Kim Jong Kook, I am kind of dragged into that situation. In the past, a ‘love line’ made me uncomfortable. But now, it flourishes the stories, and many situations are derived from it, highlighting members’ chemistry. These days, I try to go along with it and tease him (Kim Jong Kook) even more. But it has brought the members even closer, so I’m having more fun filming. I think it’ll continue on. But we are not dating (laughs).”

Song hasn’t chosen her next project yet. “I want to rest a little longer. As I get older, I like having fun more (laughs). Since I wore tight clothes, uncomfortable nails, tidy hair, and big accessories for 3 months, I wanted to tell myself, ‘Just lie down.’ So I am going to eat all I want and wear comfortable outfits for the time being. Before, I used to clean the house after I finished a project. But now, I’m taking care of my dog.”


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