Yang Hyun Suk Denies Threatening Informant and Obstructing Police Investigation on B.I

Yang Hyun Suk
Yang Hyun Suk
Credit: SBS

Yang Hyun Suk, a former CEO of YG Entertainment, pleaded not guilty to the charges of obstructing police from investigating B.I for illegal drug use.

On August 13th, the 23rd Seoul Central District Court held the first court hearing for Yang Hyun Suk, who was indicted without arrest for violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes. Yang was not present at the hearing because a defendant is not required to attend the event until the court sets a final decision date.

On May 28th, Yang Hyun Suk was referred to a trial with the charges of blocking police investigation on B.I’s illegal drug use. An informant “A” admitted to police that he and singer B.I have exchanged and used illegal drugs. Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of having coaxed and threatened “A” to reverse his or her statement about the singer and attempted to cover up the investigation.

Yang Hyuk Suk’s legal representative stated, “We deny all the charges,” and, “We plead not guilty.” They added, “It’s true that my client met up with informant “A,” and they spoke privately. But there was no threatening or forcing.”

With Yang Hyun Suk’s denial on the charges, attention is focused on whether B.I will disclose any further information at his first hearing. The court will hold B.I’s first hearing on August 27th regarding his drug abuse charges.


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