Yeon Sang Ho’s New TV Series ‘Monstrous’ Completes a Star-Studded Cast

korean drama Monstrous

A star-studded cast of ‘Monstrous’ has been revealed.

korean drama Monstrous
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On Monday, TVING officially announced the production and the full cast of its new original series Monstrous (literal title).

Monstrous tells the story of people who are blinded by the curse of “it” that should not have appeared in the world and an archaeologist who pursues the unprecedented incident. When a statue of the Buddha is possessed by an evil spirit, the village is engulfed in disaster. By closely following the confusion of the villagers facing the bizarre horror, the series will showcase bone-chilling suspense.

Above all else, the fact that Monstrous is the new project of Yeon Sang Ho‘s K-horror series raises expectations. Starting with Train to Busan, Yeon further completed the Korean-style occult genre with Peninsula and tvN drama The Cursed. Like The Cursed series, Yeon will act as a screenwriter of Monstrous with the help of My Holo Love writer Ryu Yong Jae.

Director Jang Kun Jae, who won the DGK Award at the Busan International Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Award at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards with his film A Midsummer’s Fantasia, was tabbed as the director.

korean drama Monstrous
Credit: Namoo Actors, KOFIC, Photographer Ahn Sung Jin, SH Media Corp

Following are the actors who have joined the project.

First of all, Koo Kyu Hwan takes on the role of Jung Ki Hoon, an eccentric archaeologist who studies strange supernatural phenomena. He’s the ex-husband of Lee Soo Jin (Shin Hyun Bin). After an unexpected incident changed his life, he runs an occult magazine and YouTube channel. When he starts investigating the statue of the Buddha that appeared in Jinyang-gun, he encounters an unbelievable phenomenon.

Shin Hyun Bin plays Lee Soo Jin, a genius pattern interpreter who faces a terrible disaster. After losing her only daughter, she left everything behind and headed to Jinyang-gun. There, she begins to experience mysterious events.

Han Seok Hee, played by Kim JI Young, is the police chief. She can easily take on criminals with her charisma and leadership, but her son Han Do Kyung (Nam Da Reum) is an unsolvable question in her life. Later, she desperately struggles to save her son from a horrific event in the village.

korean drama Monstrous
Credit: Lighthouse, H& Entertainment, MAGIQ

Moreover, Park Ho San turns into Kwon Jong Soo, the governor of Jinyang-gun. While planning a new tourist project for the prosperity and development of the village, he is thrown into chaos. Kwak Dong Yeon plays Kwak Yong Joo, a trouble maker in Jinyang-gun. He always has rebellious eyes and a sullen attitude. To him, the terrible disaster that struck the village is nothing more than an exciting event.

Lastly, Nam Da Reum takes on the role of Han Do Kyung, the only human who does not lose his good even when chaos strikes Jinyang-gun. He’s deeply involved with Kwan Yong Joo (Kwak Dong Yeon), who is displeased with whatever he does. He hopes to live a quiet life, but the disaster awakens Han’s rebellious side.

Meanwhile, Monstrous will be released on TVING in the first half of 2022.


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