Kim Sung Kyun Says Lee Kwang Soo Is Serious and Romantic in Real-Life, Nothing Like the “Icon of Betrayal”

Sinkhole korean movie
Sinkhole korean movie
Credit: Showbox

Kim Sung Kyun from the film Sinkhole praised his co-star Lee Kwang Soo.

In a video interview held on the morning of the 4th, Kim Sung Kyun said, “Lee Kwang Soo is known for the “icon of betrayal” or his funny image in Running Man, but he takes his job very seriously on the set.”

Kim explained, “Lee Kwang Soo always sits in his spot and reads the script. He said he loves to analyze the scenes and focus on doing so.” And he added with giggles, “The director frequently compared me to Lee Kwang Soo. He lavished praises on Lee. Since Lee was never on his phone on the set, I had to hide to use my phone on the film set.”

Kim Sung Kyun is also described Lee as a “serious, skillful, and sensible actor.” He continued, “I knew it from the beginning of the production but, I learned from him a lot while working together.”

“When I meet him off the record, he’s hilarious and romantic. He took a lot of photos with his film camera and gave them to me. I think he is an emotionally rich person,” he added.


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