‘Voice 4: Judgment Hour’: 3 Questions about Lee Kyu Hyung’s Past

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In tvN Voice 4: Judgment Hour, Lee Kyu Hyung is nailing his role as a serial killer with a dissociative identity disorder, Dong Bang Min. So far, the series has revealed how the kidnapping case from 24 years ago resulted in three split identities of Dong Bang Min. Let’s look into some of the questions regarding his mysterious past.


Who are the two remaining identities of Dongbang Min?

voice korean drama
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It was revealed that Dongbang Min’s three split identities were created based on the people around him. Previously, Circus Man,’ who has a strong murder instinct, turned out to be Eom Seok Gu, who abducted Dong Bang 24 years ago. Therefore, it leaves us with two unidentified personalities: Center Manager and Master. Previously, Master planned out the overall schemes and showed incredible computer skills using dark web servers. Also, he mediated them when Circus Man and Center Manager showed signs of conflict.

Center Manager is a personality made inspired by Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na). When Circus Man sends a murder notice to Kang and attacks her, he says, “No! This is my Siamese twin. I can’t let her die like that,” showing a special interest in Kang. Also, when Master approaches and talks to a lonely child in the gaming community, Center Manager listens to the child and makes him open his heart.


What lies behind the kidnapping case?

voice korean drama
Credit: tvN

The drama raises curiosity about how much Dong Bang Min’s grandfather, Dong Bang Heon Yeop, was involved in the kidnapping case. Kwak Min Taek, a witness to the case, says, “Master remembered what had happened back then.” Then, Heon Yeop instantly puts on a serious face and warns him not to disclose the information.

Meanwhile, more suspicions are rising as Goo Hyung Tae turned out to be the detective in charge of Dong Bang Min’s abduction case. Previously, he had handled a case related to Derek Cho (Song Seung Heon)’s mother. Moreover, a petition was filed, claiming that Eom Suk Gu was murdered instead of committing suicide.

In addition, the head of the Sonang village, Dong Bang Heon Yeop, has been brainwashing the villagers with superstitions and using them as the tools for his evil deeds under the name of ‘family.’


After having recovered from the eye injury in her childhood, Kang Kwon Joo gains an enhanced hearing ability. It is a special gift that enables her to navigate the world using her ears. In this season, Center Manager, one of the personalities of Dong Bang Min, imitates Kang Kwon Joo and her gift, raising questions about how the two became entangled.

In the previously released trailer for the 11th, Kang gets chased by a young Dong Bang Min. And he throws an enigmatic question to her, “Sister, help me. Can’t you remember me?” Viewers wonder whether Kang grew up in Sonang village as a child.


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