BTS’s Hit Song ‘Butter’ Accused of Plagiarism and Faces Copyright Issues

BTS Butter
Credit: Big Hit Music
BTS Butter
Credit: Big Hit

The first suspicion surrounding “Butter” was raised on the 19th. Some argued that the song “Towering Catastrophe” from the Nintendo game “Monster in my Pocket” sounds quite similar to “Butter.”

As the attention focused more on the issue, the composer himself wrote on his blog page and laid out his thoughts. In it, he explained that he knew of BTS but had not heard their song “Butter.” However, upon hearing the news, he listened and concluded that it was only a coincidence that the two sounds similar.

He clarified, “I saw that the article and they wrote I said ‘It’s beyond just sampling.’ But, I didn’t say that.” In the end, he added that it’s fascinating how his song is gaining attention almost 30 years later.

BTS Butter
Credit: Konami, Allkpop

Dutch singer Luca Debonaire brought up the second controversy.

According to his claims, “Butter” and his 2020 song “you got me down” have the same melody line. The sound in “you got me down” that repeats for about 20 seconds from 1:50 is vastly similar to the chorus of “Butter.”

Adri Blok, who’s working with the stage name Luca Debonaire, announced that he’s trying to reach out to BTS and Big Hit Entertainment via his Twitter. When one person listed out the “Butter” composers and added, “You’d wanna chase up the producers,” Blok replied, “Yes, I know. I bought the topline in 2019 from Sebastian Garcia.”

BTS Butter
Credit: Twitter

Then the next day, Blok posted that he’s negotiating with BTS. He then included a screengrab of a news title that reads, “They stole the song. BTS is suspicious of plagiarizing DJ Luca Debonaire’s song.”

However, if Blok had really purchased the topline for “you got me down,” then Sebastian Garcia would owe us an explanation. Because if he is had sold the song to Blok and used it anyways in BTS’ song, it would make BTS also a victim.

Big Hit is remaining silent on the matter.


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