‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ Drops the Posters of 4 Characters Intertwined with the Mysterious Herb

Netflix Kingdom Ashin

Kingdom: Ashin of the North‘ unveiled the character posters.

Credit: Netflix

The released posters capture the intertwined fate of Ashin, Min Chi Rok, Ai Dagan, and Tahab. As writer Kim Eun Hee once said, “There is no one more suitable to play Ashin than Jun Ji Hyun,” Jun Ji Hyun turns into Ashin, who holds the secret of the resurrection plant. Not only will she pull off intense action sequences involving a bow, but also she will share her sorrow of losing her family and home in one day.

Min Chi Rok, played by Park Byung Eun, will act as the stepping stone between Kingdom and Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Min Chi Rok is the kind of person with firm faith and loyalty to his country. Director Kim Sung Hoon praised the actor, saying that his passion perfected the work.

Netflix Kingdom Ashin
Credit: Netflix

Kim Roe Ha will show off his charisma as Tahab, Ashin’s father and the leader of his people. Tahab embraces the villagers with his warm heart. But at the same time, he is determined enough to act as a spy in the belief that Joseon will one day accept his people as their own. As the actor who has “the hardness inside the softness,” Kim completely melted into his role.

Ai Dagan, played by Koo Kyo Hwan, is the ruthless chief of a tribe who wants Joseon under his power. As he gathers forces at the border amid chaos in Joseon, Ai Dagan’s presence will double the play’s tension. Director Kim said, “Thanks to Koo’s unpredictable performance, he (Ai Dagan) was recreated as a unique, unpredictable character.”

Meanwhile, Netflix will release Kingdom: Ashin of the North �on June 23rd.


Source: Netflix

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